Anonymous asked:

How are you on her blog? Did she give you her information personally or something and like she then disappeared? you should be able to talk to her again if she gave you her account information.

no she either changed urls or deleted her blog because this url was free to claim

aphprussian asked:

omg this is terrible, i expected she would get hate ;~; plus being a hetalian on tumblr is like like being gay in the south i mean- im so sorry for her, if you know her personally then could you please tell her that shes like A++++ awesome ?

i am sorry friend i do not know what became of her but if anyone knows her feel free to pass this on

aikurow asked:

I just wanted to ask why you decided to remake this blog. Is it just so you can see what people are telling her or...? I hope the poor girl is alright. I imagine people have been pretty nasty to her.

i wanted to let people know that this is what they did to her. i really hope she’s alright because i don’t know if she quit tumblr or changed urls. 

i also wanted to see what they had to say to her, to see if people still felt the need to threaten her.

titansss asked:

she did call them uneducated swine, i think she deserved some rudeness in return tbh, but i wouldnt say this much.

dude everyone uses the term swine on this site in a sarcastic if not endearing way it’s not like she called them a piece of shit

she didnt deserve to be harassed at all

Anonymous asked:

Poor thing, people shouldn't have sent her hate. god i hate some people sometimes

this whole site is really fucking sickening bc it’s rly not that uncommon to click on the blog of someone who made a stupid comment several months ago only to find that they deleted their blog/changed urls

Anonymous asked:

That poor girl. :( I know what she said was incorrect, but people didn't need to attack her.

i know man it’s really fucking gross what people on this website will do

instead of scrolling past the post they choose to target the blog and make them feel bad for what they did